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The global virtual women's health conference

1-2 Dec 2020

COYA Partners presents




2020 has been a year of many challenges, but also a year of innovation, solidarity and collaboration. 

Innovative and digital solutions have been key to addressing many of women's needs during these difficult times. But, there is still a lot of work to do.

Our mission is to promote inclusiveness, change mindsets and overcome stigmas, and create an ecosystem that supports women's health innovation, discovery, partnership and growth. All to help improve women's lives.   

Meet our trailblazing Women's Health Leaders 

who are forging ahead by promoting and

supporting innovation in women's health. 

Jump in. The Renaissance of women's health is here.



Insightful and inspiring discussions


We are wrapping up the year 2020 with in-depth discussions on the hottest topics in women’s health. 

Join top female and male FemTech founders from around the globe, Angels, VCs and accelerators from Europe and the USA, scientists and doctors as well as women's health influencers!






Scientists & Doctors

Women's health influencers

Networking, 1-1 meetings and more. 

Partnerships and connections are more important than ever. That’s why we're hosting WHAT WOMEN WANT as part of the larger GIANT Health festival held on 1-2 Dec. 


You’ll be able to engage with WHAT WOMEN WANT's and GIANT’s exhibitors, speakers and attendees via direct messaging, virtual meeting rooms and structured networking options.


  • Discover startups disrupting paradigms and breaking taboos

  • Learn about dynamics and technologies disrupting women’s health

  • Connect with founders, investors, doctors and women's health experts as well as influencers

  • Explore how to overcome challenges faced by gender and minority groups in women’s health

  • Create partnerships and explore global expansion opportunities

  • Scope licensing, investment and acquisition opportunities

"(GIANT is) Europe's largest most valuable health tech, innovation event"

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GIANT's network of health tech stakeholders



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5:30PM GMT - Dec 1, 2020 

Deep Tech: adopting disruptive technology

Expert scientists and founders discuss diverse applications of the latest advancements in technology. Explore AI, big data and analytics, precision medicine, advanced materials and manufacturing and more.


Dr Piraye Beim,

CEO & Founder - Celmatix

Lea von Bidder,

CEO & Co-Founder - AVA

Olivia Ahn, CEO & Co-Founder - Planera

Helene Guillaume, CEO & Founder - WILD.AI

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Dr Brittany Barreto -

Femtech Focus/ Podcast Host

6:30PM GMT - Dec  2, 2020 

The year in review:

breakthroughs & challenges


From COVID-19 and its effects on women to gender inequalities and systemic biases in healthcare, hear what these top women's health doctors and founders from around the world have to say - what have we learnt? What are we doing now? What is still not being addressed?


Dr Jane van Dis, OB/GYN & Medical Dir. at Maven Clinic

Dr Benjamin Vialis de Lesegno, OB/GYN & Co-Founder - Cellen

Dr Dan Nayot, OB/GYN & Co-Founder - Future Fertility

Dr Brooke Vandermolen,  OB/GYN - @theobgynmum

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Mala Mawkin - Podcast Host at Royal Society of Medicine

6:30PM GMT - Dec 1, 2020 

Investing: transformation and trends

Global investors explain the trends and shifting attitude to investing in Women’s Health, providing insights into how they help take businesses to the next level and overcome hurdles and stigmas.


Matt Penneycard,

Partner - Ada Ventures​

Maren Bannon, Co-Founder & GP - January Ventures

Frederike Rohr, Health Director - Plug and Play

Trish Costello, Founder & CEO

- Portfolia

Deepali Nangia -

Angel Investor


Charlotte & Alexandrine - Founders of COYA Partners

7:30PM GMT- Dec 1, 2020 

Power to the consumer: focus on women's needs

Femtech founders and execs discuss creating products with women’s needs in mind, ending the “one-size-fits-all” approach and putting the power back into women’s hands.


Billie Quinlan,

CEO & Co-Founder - Ferly

Vernita Brown,

COO - Natalist

Juan Pablo Segura, CEO & Co-Founder - Babyscripts

Colette Courtion, CEO & Founder - JOYLUX

Alli Kasirer,

Founder - Robyn


Rachel Braun Scherl - SPARK Solutions for Growth

PRE-EVENT & DEC 1-2, 2020


Discover our knowledge corner below. Learn more about who is leading in Women's Health now: 

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Check out COYA's FemHealth Series


From our Women's Health Leaders

Avestria Ventures seeds Women's Health & Life Science Ventures.

Learn more about their expertise, why they care and what type of startup they seek out : 


Fish & Richardson is a premier global intellectual property law firm trusted by the world's most innovative and influential companies. 

Innovating in Women's Health? Learn more about the FemTech IP Landscape with Jacqueline Tio and Sara Fish of F&R: 

Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 10.09.46.png
Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 10.41.47.png

Essity Ventures, the strategic initiative of Essity, is on a mission to break barriers. 

Ready to invent the future? Learn more about Essity Ventures: 

Essity Ventures High Res CLEAR (1).png

Portfolia's new fund is here!

Find out more:

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Dr Piraye Beim

CEO & Founder


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Jane van Dis

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OB/GYN & Medical Dir.

Maven Clinic

Matt Penneycard


ADA Ventures

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Alli Kasirer

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Vernita Brown

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Juan Pablo Segura

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President & Co-Founder


Trish Costello

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CEO & Founder


Lea von Bidder

CEO & Founder


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Billie Quinlan

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CEO & Co-Founder


Maren Bannon

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GP & Co-Founder

January Ventures

Colette Courtion

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CEO & Founder


Frederike Rohr

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Director of Health

Plug and Play

Dan Nayot

  • LinkedIn

OB/GYN & Co-Founder

Future Fertility

Olivia Ahn

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Co-Founder


Helene Guillaume

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CEO & Founder 


Deepali Nangia

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Angel investor 

Atomico Program

Rachel Braun Scherl

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MP & Co-Founder

Spark Solutions for Growth

Ben Viaris de Lesegno

  • LinkedIn

OB/GYN & Co-Founder


Mala Mawkin

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Podcast Host

Royal Society of Medicine

Dr Brooke Vandermolen

Doctor & Influencer

The OBGYN mum

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Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 10.09.46.png

As one of the world’s premier intellectual property (IP) and litigation firms, Fish & Richardson works with clients to protect and enforce intellectual property rights globally with offices in the USA, Munich and Shenzhen. With its deep expertise in life sciences, digital health, medical devices, clean tech and nanotech, Fish works closely with companies focusing on women's health, maximising the value of their IP and providing exceptional advocacy across the life cycle of IP needs, including patent, trademark, and copyright matters. Fish has been recognised as the Life Sciences Practice Group of the Year by Law360. Fish also has many programs geared towards advancing women in its workplace and has been named “Best Law Firms for Women” by Working Mother magazine for three consecutive years

Learn more at

Essity Ventures High Res CLEAR (1).png

Essity Ventures is a strategic initiative of Essity to lead the change towards a more digitally-advanced and sustainable health and hygiene ecosystem in collaboration with innovative startups. Essity is a global hygiene and health company with sales in approximately 150 countries under leading brands, such as Bodyform, Libresse, TENA, Plenty and Tempo. With innovative Feminine Care products and bold campaign, Essity is on a mission to break barriers to women’s wellbeing. With Essity Ventures, the company takes one step forward in this direction, collaborating with top-notch Femtech startups to reshape the future of Feminine Care.

Learn more at


Avestria Ventures is a woman-owned and -run venture firm investing in early-stage women’s health and female-led life science ventures. Avestria believe these areas are undervalued and ripe for innovation. Although women make up 51% of the population, make over 80% of household healthcare decisions and are the dominant healthcare users, life science research and standard medical practice remains based on men. Plus only 3% of venture capital is invested in female-founded companies. Unique within venture, Avestria’s co-founders Corinne Nevinny and Linda Greub each bring 30+ years of healthcare investment and operating expertise and extensive industry networks to the firm.

Learn more at



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