A dynamic and ever-changing competitive landscape makes innovation and IP more crucial than ever. We help you define and build new business streams - whether you are a new or existing FemTech player.

"If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place" - Nora Roberts 



Ideate, map and validate new opportunities through gap analysis and data-driven insights. We transform opportunities into actionable business streams with agility and efficiency.


For prospective opportunities, leverage stakeholder analytics to map influence and interdependencies. We help you identify where and how stakeholders fit in the ecosystem.


Use IP analytics to scout the technology landscape and assess actionable IP licensing and R&D opportunities. We mine patents and  big data to develop new applications for your existing IP portfolio.


Evaluate potential customers’ unmet needs to spot new opportunities. We assess your current strengths and weaknesses and develop actionable solutions that can be implemented quickly across your business.

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