R&D Discovery

Maximising efficiencies in your R&D approach  

Driving your development

Drug development is a rewarding, yet a risky and costly endeavour that life science companies must face. Gaining a competitive edge in your R&D requires monitoring of the entire development landscape, while continuously looking to the future. 

We couple our business expertise, scientific and industry knowledge with artificial intelligence to translate massive quantities of data into actionable insights enabling you to stay ahead of the current landscape and forecast trends and opportunities.

  • Trends identification, IP mapping & predictive intelligence

  • Hypothesis validation 

  • Competitive market & patent landscape assessment 

  • Deeper patients and HCP dynamics & insights

What we do

Pre-Clinical Intelligence

Our in-depth coverage and analysis of large datasets will help your team drive innovation and speed up its decision-making when developing hypotheses around new indications, targets, biomarkers, and therapeutics.

Early R&D Analysis 

Provide your team with the context they need to streamline and prioritise R&D efforts and support investment decisions through landscape and IP mapping, dynamic disease briefings, research trends identification and technology assessments.​