‘What Women Want: The Renaissance of Women’s Health’ is our upcoming global and virtual Women’s Health innovation event and is, this year, part of the greater GIANT Health Festival, Europe’s largest most valuable Health Tech innovation event (as described by the Financial Times).

For its 6th edition, GIANT is going digital, which also means that it will be its largest event yet with 50K (expected) attendees from around the world. Our partnership with GIANT thus allows us to promote women’s health innovation in the context of the greater health tech industry. This is important as it positions women’s health as a central topic within health tech and no longer as an isolated or tangential topic in the industry. GIANT also actively promotes and connects women in healthcare throughout the year notably with its 5000 WOMEN campaign, which we are proud to be champions of. This partnership with GIANT will allow attendees to tap into GIANT’s network and community of 177,000 members from innovators, investors, global corporates, SMEs, healthcare professionals, hospitals and governments.

2020 has been a year of many challenges, but also a year of innovation, solidarity and collaboration. Our ‘What Women Want’ event is a celebration of innovative and digital solutions that have been pivotal in addressing women's needs during these difficult times.

The WHAT WOMEN WANT programming consists of 4 panel sessions and unlimited networking opportunities.

We are wrapping up the year with in-depth and inspiring discussions between pioneering founders, investors (VCs, accelerators & Angels), scientists, doctors and influencers on the most important topics in Women’s Health:

  • Investing in Women’s Health: transformation and trends

  • Deep Tech: adopting disruptive technology to advance Women’s Health

  • Power to the consumer: no more one-size-fits-all, women’s needs take centre stage

  • The year in review: breakthroughs, challenges, what we’ve learnt and how to improve

Attendees can also expect to be truly engaged and visible thanks to direct messaging and virtual meeting rooms for scheduled or impromptu meet-ups.

Our attendees range from start-ups, investors, healthcare professionals to anyone from the general public interested in Women’s Health.This event is designed for those interested in:

  • Discovering startups disrupting paradigms and breaking taboos

  • Learning about dynamics and technologies disrupting women’s health

  • Connecting with founders, investors, doctors and women's health experts as well as influencers

  • Exploring how to overcome challenges faced by gender and minority groups in women’s health

  • Creating partnerships and exploring global expansion opportunities

  • Scoping licensing, investment and acquisition opportunities

So, in our opinion, what do women want?

We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Women’s Health.

Women want products designed with their specific needs in mind. Women experience biological and physiological changes throughout their lives and age very differently to men. They want solutions that take into account these changes. We believe women also want better access, from better access to health insurance, treatments, screening tests etc. to better access to information to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their family (as they are often their household’s “healthcare” decision makers). Women want innovation, but also transparency about their choices and their data privacy for instance.

In order to achieve this, there needs to be more funding and interest in women’s health research and more investment in women’s health solutions. Startup founders (men and women included) also want to be able to talk about ‘periods’, ‘menopause’, ‘infertility’, ‘vaginal dryness’ at an investor’s table without drawing uncomfortable looks. Breaking taboos is not only important to raise but also for girls and women around the world who still suffer from these taboos (at work, at school, etc.).

Our mission is to promote inclusiveness, change mindsets, overcome stigmas, and create a Women’s Health ecosystem that supports innovation, discovery, partnership and growth. All to help improve women's lives.

Which trends or developments are we most excited about in women’s health & Femtech?

There are so many! The application of the most advanced technologies, such as AI, big data analytics and genomics, will drive the Women’s Health revolution and we will see important achievements in, for instance, precision medicine, pre-natal testing, oncology and aging. Improved and less invasive treatments and screening tests such as saliva tests and liquid biopsy will also be paramount for improving health outcomes in women. In terms of disease areas, we also think menopause is going to be a big topic in 2021 - women need more options and founders are realizing this!

Our event has some of the brightest minds discussing their approach to developing technologies that improve women’s lives and we look forward to exploring trends and developments in women’s health with them!