Patent Intelligence

Optimising and protecting business value  

Driving your innovation

A standalone IP strategy can provide value on its own, but when integrated with your business and commercial strategy it becomes a powerful tool to boost your bottom line.


Your patent strategy is an integral part of the innovation process.​ Our data scientists, biostatisticians and IP specialists use the latest AI tools combined with their in-depth practical and technical expertise to power your innovation and business strategy.  

  • Advanced patent analytics for trend spotting

  • BD & L opportunity assessment & validation

  • IP due diligence

  • Protection & enforcement strategy

What we do

Advanced Patent Analytics

To answer your most critical questions and reveal hidden intelligence, we go beyond quantitative analysis and use advanced qualitative patent analytics with in-built legal and ownership checks


Our tools mine patents in more than 90 jurisdictions and build contextual and customisable visualisations allowing us to transform big data into commercial and actionable insights. We also power our analysis by combining patent data with commercial and financial data such as: 

  • 2.1 million+ preloaded company profile data

  • Company reports and earnings transcripts

  • Investments and acquisitions

BD & Licensing

Using the most advanced IP analytics we are able to scout the technology landscape and unlock deep and predictive insights that help you identify and assess BD & licensing opportunities.

We also help you define the best IP strategy for revenue maximisation in the context of your business model.


Our tools help uncover hidden and sophisticated insights not only into existing technology markets but also into future key players and product trends. 

We work with life sciences companies to:

  • Spot field-of-use licensing opportunities 

  • In-licensing, out-licensing, cross-licensing

  • Detect market opportunities early and identify promising growth segments​

  • Unveil disruptive innovations by predicting technology trends

  • Spot specific investment and partnership opportunities

  • Understand the relative strength of the investment target's patent portfolio

  • Conduct M&A screening to identify possible acquisition targets

Competitive Landscape

We investigate and map the breadth of intellectual property holdings and benchmark their competitive strengths over time, jurisdiction and technology field to help identify positions in the competitive environment and predict your competitors' next moves and waves of disruption. 

We help you answer questions such as:


  • What are the risk of disruption and gaps in a specific sector?

  • Which companies hold IP that may constitute a potential blocker for future innovation in a particular technological field of use?

  • Which companies and innovation have the greatest potential for commercial success?

Due Diligence & Protection

We audit IP assets in your portfolio to better protect your business value and optimise your market position. 


We help you understand your risk exposure including the risk of IP infringement and help you define the best mitigation and prevention strategies by anticipating competitors' actions and assessing the potential benefits of alternative defence and preventive risk management strategies. 

We help you define your global enforcement strategy and use collaborative management tools to ensure rapid decision-making.


Our comprehensive technology due diligence also uses AI to support legal status and ownership checks and identify your most valuable patents using evidence-based measures of strength and influence.