Legal & Regulatory

Navigating complex landscapes with ease

Overcoming complex forces

We help you monitor and navigate legal and regulatory landscapes across jurisdictions and at every step of the R&D life sciences cycle so you can put your product on the market faster. 

By exposing the relevant regulatory and legal changes, we also help you adapt faster and earlier. 

  • Privacy & data protection compliance

  • Submission preparation support for regulatory authorisation

  • Management of sensitive data

  • Legal & regulatory changes monitoring and reporting

  • AI-supported pharmacovigilance 

What we do

Regulatory Compliance

We help you map the road ahead to avoid pitfalls and disruptions to your business.

Our experts help you quickly understand regulatory requirements across all aspects of the R&D life cycle and support submission preparation to avoid compliance risks and decrease time to market.


We automate part of the pharmacovigilance process with AI tools that allow early identification of safety risks  and analysis of patients voice in non-traditional communication channels. 

Legal and Regulatory Intelligence

Monitoring relevant regulatory and legal changes in a non-harmonised and fast-moving  regulatory and legal landscape may be challenging.


Our expertly-designed custom reports help you stay informed without having to rely on multiple information sources.


These comprehensive yet digestible reports map regulatory and legal changes locally and internationally and help support strategy decisions by providing recommendations on business impact.  

We also provide alerts on notable litigation and prosecution events, changes in relevant legislation, case law, IP transactions and more.