Trend spotting is an art and a science. We use our scientific, IP and strategic expertise as well as the latest digital tools and advanced analytics to provide women-centric, data-driven industry insights and help you spot trends ahead of the curve.

"The more you learn, the more places you will go."- Dr Seuss



Scout beyond the front lines to uncover FemTech market trends and competitive intelligence. As scientists, we convert behavioural, socio-economic, clinical and epidemiological data into relevant insights and trends.

Minimalist Staircase


Understand current and future regulatory and legal landscapes. We expose subtle changes that may signal disruption ahead so that you can adapt faster and earlier than others. 

Modern Structure


Investigate and map the breadth of intellectual property holdings in your sector across multiple jurisdictions to identify your competitors' next moves and waves of disruption.

Communication Tower


Get the latest trends through our bespoke newsletters, monitoring and data aggregation tools to stay ahead of your competitors and secure your position as market leader. 

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