Commercial Strategy

Realising your commercial potential  

Driving bold solutions

Empower your commercial and marketing teams to build meaningful and culturally-sensitive brands with the support of an evidence-based, defendable and actionable strategy that is deeply rooted in market understanding.

Our consulting experience serving life sciences has given us a deep knowledge of global trends affecting the industry, including reimbursement issues.

  • Deep patient & HCP insights 

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Market landscape analysis 

  • Trends, threats & opportunity mapping & forecasting

What we do

Competitive Intelligence

We help inform your strategic decisions and stay ahead of the curve by mapping the current competitive landscape and assessing future technological developments.

A competitive strategy is one that combines intelligence on how the competitive market is likely to evolve, deep insights into the mindset of competitors, including their goals, motivations, and potential reactions and a suitable and targeted response plan.

​Our dynamic, real-time monitoring of multiple datasets combined with our deep industry expertise enables your team to anticipate market changes, survey the entire competitive landscape and forecast trends, threats and opportunities. ​

Commercial and Market Access

Building upon market and competitive insights, we can develop a comprehensive commercial strategy encompassing product positioning, pricing & contracting strategy, and segmentation and targeting of key stakeholders across the healthcare value chain. We can then work to refine this strategy to identify hyper-localised disease area and market access opportunities through analysis at regional, local, federal and national levels.

Our advanced technologies can source tens of thousands of patient conversations, drug reviews and physician forums to create an in-depth and unbiased understanding of treatment pathways, patient journeys and subsequent behaviours, beliefs and habits that inform marketing and sales strategies.

​Our superior qualitative market research expertise is supported by our data-driven analytics to identify patient and clinical outcomes and economic drivers that matter most to stakeholders. These deep insights form the basis of value dossiers and value stories and are used to develop the most relevant and targeted messaging that lead to quantifiable increases in brand engagement.

Market Landscape

Whether you are looking to understand the commercial potential of a product, discover areas of unmet need, assess future opportunity, or understand how the market will evolve, we will help to accelerate the ways in which you develop and commercialize life-changing products. 

Our deep understanding of the nuances of therapeutic areas enables us to develop solutions that are implementable, accurate and targeted. Our strategies take your needs into account, whether you are looking to create the market-leader, minimise cannibalisation across a disease space, or enhance a product’s position in the market.

Our blend of industry intelligence, advanced technologies and expert-driven analysis builds the insights needed to generate actionable and value-building strategic recommendations.