BD & Licensing

Seeking out meaningful partnership opportunities and digital solutions 

Driving your development

Formulate a business development and licensing strategy to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the ever-changing and complex healthcare market.

Whether you are looking to enter a new therapeutic area, or expand an existing portfolio, our industry intelligence and business expertise can identify innovative technologies and value-building assets. We examine the full spectrum of digital solutions, players and activities in life sciences to understand what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

  • BD & L opportunity validation

  • Digital health transformation & intelligence

  • Portfolio comparative & strength assessment 

  • White space opportunity mapping

What we do

Digital Health Intelligence

To become an industry leader and stay at the forefront of the new digital paradigm, give your teams a complete understanding of the digital health ecosystem. Patients have been among the first stakeholders to embrace digital health. Payers and providers are slower to adapt, yet their willingness (and need) to make the switch is growing exponentially.

Inform your digital health strategies through in-depth and unbiased understanding of stakeholder behaviours, beliefs and habits. ​Our unrivalled market research expertise is combined with our data-driven analytics to identify unmet needs and what matters most to stakeholders.

Portfolio & Licensing

Uncover all players in a specific therapeutic area and prioritise who is the candidate with the most value through segmentations based on key characteristics. Our visual data analysis illuminates whitespace opportunities.

We analyse thousands of company profiles and patent applications to identify the most innovative technologies and the biggest and most valuable opportunities, always taking your needs into account.