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Alexandrine Ananou 

Founding Partner

LL.M (UC Berkeley), M.Phil Biostatistics/Epidemiology (Cambridge), LL. B, B.Sc Life Sciences, IP Post-Graduate (Oxford)

Alexandrine is an international lawyer who represented a broad range of multinational clients, notably in the Life Sciences and Telecoms sectors, before the UK Supreme Court and the highest courts of Europe and Canada in high profile cases  and some of the most important IP and licensing litigations of the decade.


Some of her clients include Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, Pfizer, Novartis, Gilead, Samsung and Qualcomm.  Alexandrine focused her practice on multi-jurisdictional patent litigation, IP enforcement and strategy, licensing and regulatory compliance. She practiced law in Canada, the USA, France and the UK.  

Some of her most recent work:

  • Advised Qualcomm against Apple in the recent multi-jurisdictional litigation resulting in a 40B + settlement.

  • Advised Editas/Broad Institute/MIT/Harvard in the CRISPR multi-jurisdictional patent litigation and prosecution.

  • Advised one of the first gene therapy companies to get FDA and EMA approval. 

  • Advised a European AgTech company in a licensing deal with the global leader in liquid biopsy, which involved next-generation sequencing technology and polymorphism detection.  


Her expertise in telecoms notably in 5G is particularly suited to understanding the challenges and opportunities driven by the current transformation of the life sciences sector and the emergence of tech companies in this sector. 

Before founding COYA Partners, Alexandrine headed the IP department at Quinn Emanuel UK LLP in London and previously worked at the award winning law firms Bird & Bird, EIP, Allen & Overy and Smart & Biggar.

Alex is also a trained epidemiologist and biostatistician who studied Bayesian Statistics. She led a research collaboration with Cambridge University’s Institute of Public Health and UK’s Medical Research Council in the field of pharmaco-epidemiology which involved a cohort study of more than 13 000 patients. Her research was published in Drugs & Aging peer-reviewed journal. 


  • Pharmaceutical & biotech

  • AgTech

  • Medical devices 

  • Licensing

  • IP enforcement and strategy

  • Data privacy

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Clinical trials

  • GMOs

  • Cannabis and cannabis related products 

  • Telecoms, 4G-5G