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Empowering life sciences decision-making and innovation

What we do

We answer your most complex and critical questions across the life sciences value chain.  

Our unique blend of business, scientific and industry expertise and use of advanced artificial intelligence powers innovation and strategic decision-making. We provide actionable solutions to enhance your commercial model while prioritising efficiency, agility and cost-saving.

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Unlock new possibilities in healthcare

Explore our solutions to see how we can work together to elevate your business, commercial and patent strategy.

 360° intelligence consulting

Integrated, augmented, continuous intelligence.  

We do not work in silos. Our fully integrated approach means we work alongside our clients to deliver a comprehensive strategy that strengthens your commercial and patent value and overcomes regulatory and market access hurdles.

Our pioneering methodology pairs interdisciplinary experts with innovative technology and real-time context data to improve decisions, transform your outcomes and maximise your value every step of the way. 

An interdisciplinary cross-sector approach to turn insight into action 

Our experts bring you evidence-based actionable solutions and unbiased advice across the lifecycle continuum. We are:

  • world-class scientists

  • strategists

  • intellectual property experts

  • data analysts and biostatisticians

Augmented analytics and cutting-edge tools to turn data into context 

Unstructured & Structured Data

Interpreted by Experts

By leveraging public and proprietary datasets and the next wave of disruption in data and analytics, our AI-powered research unlocks what is happening and our experts reveal why it is happening: 

  • fill in critical knowledge gaps

  • validate assumptions with real-life data 

  • formulate data-driven hypotheses

  • outpace your competitors with a hard-to-close capability gap

How we help clients

Stripe and Spheres
Find the right strategic partners to best position yourself in a digital market and assess where and how to play. 
Stripe and Spheres
Use patent data and analytical assets in new ways to develop proprietary insights and identify risks of disruption. 
Stripe and Spheres
Build trust-based stakeholder relationships, develop compelling RWE and communicate value in a way that resonates most.  

How we use AI

Big Data, machine learning and advanced data analytics are transforming the life sciences industry.  


But data is meaningless unless you can extract contextual and actionable insights from it. 


We help you use data efficiently and optimise the power of analytics to drive superior performance. 

Mine and interpret billions of data points from any combination of unstructured and / or structured datasets:

  • Patents (>90 jurisdictions)

  • Scientific publications

  • Clinical trials

  • Real-world data & EHRs

  • Genomic & NGS data

  • 2.1 million+ preloaded company profiles, reports and earnings transcripts

  • Discussion forums

  • Product reviews/feedback

  • Investments and acquisitions

  • 1 billion+ preloaded indexed news articles

  • Job postings

  • Sales rep notes

  • Your own dataset


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